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Prachi (Professional Resolutionary, Academic & Conflict Handling Initiatives) is engaged in varied activities to spread the culture and skills of Mediation as an Amicable Dispute Resolution process. It's Founder, Prathamesh D Popat, has taken extensive training in Mediation as well as in imparting Mediation Training in several countries. He is Accredited as a Mediator by LEADR (now, Resolution Institution), is Certified by IMI (International Mediation Institute) and is a Certified Online Mediator from

Prathamesh D Popat practices as a Mediator, Conciliator, Conflict Coach, Trainer, Advisor and ADR Consultant in the name and style of Prachi Mediation Chambers, his proprietary concern based in Mumbai, India.

Previously, Prathamesh D Popat was a Counsel practising at Bombay High Court in the chambers of Aspandiar P Chinoy. During his Counsel practice days, he would appear in the Bombay High Court, City Civil Court and Arbitral Tribunals. During this time he also practiced in the field of Arbitration in several capacities, including being member of Arbitral Tribunal and sole arbitrator in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations. 

Prathamesh is born and brought up, and educated in Mumbai. He studied at the St. Xavier's College in Mumbai and has a Law Degree from the Mumbai University. 

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